How to Install Norton Security And Norton Antivirus Setup

Having an antivirus on your computer is extremely vital. There are tons of websites and pop-up ads that can contain viruses which will damage your PC. One of the finest in the market currently is the Norton Antivirus. If you want to learn how to install Norton antivirus, then this the perfect guide for you.

1. First and foremost, you need to sign in to the official site and buy the pack. Once you have done that, you can click on download.

2. The download is over and now you move on to the Norton com set up. When you are installing the software, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. Also, you will be asked to make a folder either on your desktop for the shortcut or in your documents.

3. Once the setup is happening, you will be asked to Enter Norton product key, these are numbers which you need to input in the box. When you buy the antivirus software, you are given with a product or license key.

4. After doing this, your final installing will happen, and you will be directed to Norton’s official site! This will be a message of the information of the antivirus and also a thank you note.

5. Make sure you test the antivirus by opening the shortcut on your desktop. Start scanning your browser and PC to see if any site or stored content has viruses. You can just quick scan, and it will happen on its own. If there are some problems, you will be alerted. Don’t forget to link your antivirus to your browser that you use frequently. This will keep you away from using any problematic sites.

Having the best antivirus is of big help if you are a reckless computer user. Make sure to renew your subscription after a year or so once it is over. It is essential to have antivirus on every device without fail else you will end up losing data and your computer will become slow overtime. It will also give up quicker than you thought! Keep your computer safe with Norton antivirus.


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