Norton – the Best Antivirus in the World

With the increase in the amount of traffic, the problems of dealing with phishers and scammers have risen dramatically. This problem is solved if one uses a good antivirus.

Norton removes malware

Norton is one of the more reliable antivirus software around today. You can Install Norton Antivirus and feel secure since it provides full safety for your system and online files. It helps to remove malware when the antivirus software is in activation mode.

Set up the antivirus program

Setting up your Norton antivirus is simple. You need to download the Norton Antivirus setup from the Norton website homepage. Only if you make the payment, you can use the antivirus for a year. Otherwise, you can use the free version for a month. The free version does not have many features.

Buy the right package

If you have doubts about How to install Norton security, you can contact the help section. There you have the instructions about how the whole antivirus should be installed and operated. The basic package will give protection for only one single computer. This is enough if you are by yourself and need protection for one system alone. But, if you have more than one person in your family, then you must use a Deluxe or Premium version. This will provide protection for 5+ devices and more than 10 devices respectively.

Once you make the payment for the package selected, you must Enter Norton product key. This you must do once you have downloaded the Norton software package. Entering the product key will make your software functional. You can use it for the duration of the license validity. This is usually one year.

The biggest competitors for Norton are Kaspersky Lab, CA, Inc., and Trend Micro. In the beginning, in 2007, the share of Norton antivirus was 61% of the market. Even today, they have the same grip on the market.


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